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Eric Garrison: Press

"Eric Garrison's singing is warm and inviting, his playing fluid, and his songwriting thoughtful and tender. Harmony follows him everywhere!"
Marilyn Rea Beyer - WUMB - Boston
"Eric Garrison is not your average guitar player. Nor is he your average singer/songwriter. He is a finely hewn picker who culls the subtle sound from both his fretboard and his voice alike, while tying it all together with a rock 'n' roll soul and great stories."
Noah Fleisher - Taconic Newspapers
"Garrison is that rare breed of tunesmith: he creates characters and worlds within his songs that have distant echoes of other musicians, yet remain wholly his own. Garrison explains how the earth turns explicitly for him, with musical grace, sensitivity, and a searing touch of what we can no longer reclaim - the past, without cliche."
Brian Mahoney - The Chronogram
"Looking for Egypt is music the way it's supposed to be...if the right ears fall on this disc, Garrison couild find himself one of today's radio darlings."
Ray Hogan - The Greenwich Times
"...the rapport between singer and audience is strong. It's like listening to an old friend telling tales over a campfire of memories."
Jonas Kover - The Observer-Dispatch
"Eric Garrison is a fresh, new voice with an insightful writer's pen. His Under A Winter Moon CD is tastefully produced and performed. I am anxious to hear more."
Wanda Fischer - WAMC - Albany, NY
"Garrison's Looking for Egypt features a plethora of superb guest musicians...His sensitive songs about ordinary people living ordinary lives, along with natural stage presence, underlie his dedication to folk music. His warmth comes through, not only in his storytelling approach to songwriting, but in his gentle, easy performing style."
Charlottesville Weekly
"Eric Garrison serves up our frailties, our victories, and our defeats with a warmth and tenderness rarely found these days. His diversity and easy manner draw us in. Eric is a talent whose audiences are in for a big treat!"
Rounder recording artist - John McCutcheon
"Eric Garrison possesses a special combination of musical gifts, from great songwriting to skills on several instruments and an easy rapport with an audience. There were few corners of the musical spectrum that he didn't explore, and he did so with sensitivity, humor, and a fine sense of celebration of the music."
Doug Orr - Charlotte Folk Society
"Eric Garrison is a compelling writer whose gentle songs speak from the heart. He is an all-around musician who will charm you with his deceptively peaceful style."
Phil Ciganer - The Towne Crier Cafe
"Not all stories have a prince, a princess, and a happy ending. Some are tales of life's journey, while others are embellishments of daily occurrences. It's been said that one of the easiest things in life to do is tell a story, but one of the hardest is to be a good storyteller. Eric Garrison can be counted among that small group. His combination of influences draws from a broad pallette of musical traditions, turning his performances into presentations of both story and song. Narratives between songs have become audience favorites and equal partners with his music. They are...told in a wry style that has been compared to public radio personality Garrison Keillor...he is a folk performer in the purest sense."
- ESP Magazine (Feb 19, 2002)